Virgin Media - 'For You' - Adam & Eve DDB - Dir. Maceo Frost - Knucklehead - Music Supervision, Original Composition & Consultancy

Selected Works

We collaborated with supremely talented Knucklehead director Maceo Frost and the great team at Adam and Eve for the new Virgin Media Campaign ‘For You’.

We were heavily involved right from the start of the project and consulted not only on music, but set design and casting as well.

Our first task was to construct an old skool jungle track that felt true to early 90s, which our internal team wrote and produced. The track ‘Dedicated’ features legendary Ragga Jungle MC TopCat on vocals.

From that we took all the elements and remixed them with upcoming artist Lava la Rue, to produce a modern and fresh track “For You”.

It was an amazing project to work on and the most rewarding aspect was that our partners were happy to match our contribution to community/charity which we will now be distributing in the near future to some amazing causes, so a massive thanks to Virgin, Adam + Eve and Knucklehead for their commitment.

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