Rowdy Rebel - Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda - 2015

Selected Sounds

Squaw (ah?)
Hah? Hah? (All these computers)
Oh, they want that hot shit
Shout-out my 100 clock niggas, man, my 50 clock niggas
Yo Spit, what up Curly? (All these computers)

All these social networks and these computers (huh?)
Got these niggas walking 'round like they some shooters (like they some what?)
See them in real life, they trying to bust maneuvers (hol' on, bro, hol' on, bro)
Like pussy, talk that same shit from your computer (bah-bah-bah)
Just picked the cash up, they had the boy medula (boy medula)
Call up my broski Gene, like call up the jeweler (young Gene)
I just spent some cash on a pinky ring (on a pinky ring)
Just made some brand new shmoney, what the fuck you think? (And what the fuck you think?)

And bitch, I'm heading to your city (to your city)
Just to clap up all them cities (city)
Me and JJ went from 50 (from 50)
Filled up the gas tank, it was empty (skrt, skrt, skrt)
We heading out to Philly (skrt, out to Philly)
Smoking Fronto, bitch, no filler (no filler)
I got racks all in my Billies (my Billies, bitch)
Shout-out to Slice, that's the Billy (my boy Billy, bitch)
For Kokane Shyste, I'm getting trippy (I'm getting trippy, bitch)
Right to the other side with my guys and get busy (all us get busy, bitch)

I'm shooting up the streets, not the gym (not the gym)
I'm shooting at these suckers, not the rim (not the rim)
2Pac, Above The Rim (2Pac, 2Pac, baow-baow-baow)
Put two shots in his chin (baow, baow)
Ran down, he jumped the fence (he jumped the fence)
I ran down in my Timbs (all in my Timbs)
Saw the pussy through the tints (where you goin', bitch?)
I was in that boy Memph Benz (Memph, what up bro?)
With some shit that extend (that extend)
Put two shots in his friends (you, and you, you)
For Kokane Shyste, I go in (Shyste, bitch)
For Shyste, I go in (ah, Free Shyste, bitch)
And free my dogs out the pen (ah-ah-ah, free my- ah)
They shooting shit, Jeremy Lin (Jeremy Lin)
RIP, that boy French (that boy French)
He still in Vegas with my friends (skrt, skrt)
Buying out the bar, still going in (still going in)
Flying down your mother fucking strip (skrt, skrt-skrt)
And I got court on the fifth (skrt, on the fifth)
Tell the DA, "Suck a dick", not coming in (not coming in)
Gingerbread bitch (Gingerbread, bread)
On the road, headed to that bread, bitch (to that bread, bread, bread)

Brand new shmoney (shmoney)
Bitch, I just got some brand new shmoney

So you wanna talk shit and run your mouth? (And run your mouth?)
You wanna see my black ass right in front your house? (In front your-, bitch nigga)
With some Shmurdas and the flag wrapped around my mouth (and in a Benz, nigga!)
I ain't come to talk, I came to bang it out (baow-baow-baow)
Just called them thangs up, they begging, "Bro, don't shoot him" (don't shoot him!)
But once he disrespect, it's like I gotta do it to him (I gotta do it to him, I gotta)
I just spent some cash on a 40 Glock (on a 40 Glock)
And my nigga Killa ran through like 40 Glocks (40 Glocks, bitch)
And I'm headed to your block (to your block, bitch)
Just to unload all these Glocks (all these Glocks, bitch)
My AR hold 30 shots (30 shots, bitch)
That's word to Kane, that's word to Hot (that's OG lock, bitch)Bitch, I'm hated by many (by many!)

So I gots to keep the semi (I keep the semi)
For Kokane, we pour out Henny (and pour out Henny)
'Cause for Kokane, we done shot plenty (we done shot plenty shit)
I should say sorry to Ms. Penny (I'm sorry miss)
She caught me broad day' in the street shooting Jimmies (I'm shooting Jimmies)I'm running niggas down in they groups (in they groups)
I'm sliding over cars while I shoot (while I shoot)
I think that I'm Tom Cruise (cruised out, cruised out, cruised out)
But, bitch, I'm Bobby with that tool (with that tool)
(I got that, baow) Run up on him, act a fool (act a fool)
Make sure I hit you, you, and you (you, you, and you; you, you, and you)
Got the drop, I let Monte loose (let Monte loose)
That's man downs in front the school (in front the school)
And we still trapping like some fools (trapping like some fools)
Bitch, I been trapping out since elementary school (elementary school)
Told my teacher "Suck a dick, I'm selling food" (I'm selling what?)
I told my teacher "Suck a dick, I'm selling food" (I'm selling work, bitch)

And free my daddy out the You-Know (out the You-Know)
He killed shit, bitch, grab a tombstone (bitch, grab a tombstone with that tool)
RIP my nigga, Pluto (nigga Pluto)
He still in Vegas with the bros (with the bros)
Loading up that thing, still smoking dope (still smoking dope)
Wylin' on the mother fucking road (I'm on the road)
And I got court on the fourth (on the fourth)
Told the DA, "Lick my balls", not getting caught (not getting caught)
Gingerbread bruh ('bread bruh)
On the road smoking hella dope, bruhI just got a brand new burner (word to mommy)
I just got a brand new burner, Shmurda

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