Bill Callahan - Coyotes - 2022

Selected Sounds

Yes I am
Your lover manYes I am
Your lover, lover, lover man

The coyotes are getting
BolderThey come to watch
The dog sleep

She sleeps later
And later
As she gets older
And olderIn her dreams she is coyotes
Which of course is what she used to be
A dream of a coyote
Watching over you and me
I tried to signal you a danger
But my voice had not yet come through
You were bent over, a peanut of a child
A new flower on the peeving

They say never wake a dreamer
Maybe that's how we die
I realize now that dreams are real
I wanted to tell you, pretend to stick together
Down through the generations
Up through the archives

Holding hands through many lines
And clusters or packsOr coyote bands
That is how and why I love you now
And have always and will always
Love you now

Yes I am
Your lover man

Yes I am
Your lover, lover, lover man

Yes I am
Your lover man

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